C-VIEW, a measurement and control system specially developed by CIMTRODE for the tool and mould making industry, is now available to document the current quality standard for both tools and workpieces by means of exact, high res images.

The combination of a highly sophisticated camera system, specially designed adapters to image all types of components and bespoke software tailored to exactly meet tooling and moulding quality control requirements make significant improvements with respect to quality and process reliability possible.
For example, C-VIEW allows you to control and assess wear and tear to cutting and drilling tools. It makes precise assessment of electrode surfaces possible before using them to erode. Other areas of application are examining cut edges, mould insert cores, welded joints, feathering on components, and much more.

An additional benefit: C-VIEW is also a real cost saver when it comes to inspecting incoming goods. Production equipment such as drilling and cutting tools can be quality controlled and documented with very little effort. Especially because C-VIEW is so easy to use.
The purchasing cost of C-VIEW is normally amortized in a short time. The benefits of improved quality and process reliability will have a long-lasting, positive effect.




  • High-resolution digital colour camera
  • 12x zoom with fine focus
  • 42X -1,000X total magnification factor
  • User-friendly, locking zoom adjustment
  • Powerful LED ring light
  • Powerful LED down light
  • Light intensity regulated by LED mouse
  • Tripod for precise camera positioning
  • High-precision granite slab base
  • C-VIEW software for optical analyses and user-friendly quality documentation
  • Easy to operate


  • 360 degree, absolute imaging of cutting tools
  • Holds HSK 32, HSK 40, HSK 50, HSK 63
  • Holds Erowa ITS, 3R
  • High-precisions xy-stage
  • Label printer for quality documentation
  • Easily combinable with other customized solutions
  • Direct-integrated Z-mike





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