C-ELECTRODE: ready-to-erode graphite electrodes

Take advantage of a specialist’s know-how.

Cimtrode has been machining graphite since 1999, supplying the international tool and moulding industry with ready-to-erode graphite electrodes.

The “ready-to-erode” graphite electrode concept allows toolmakers and moulders to erode with graphite without worrying about producing the electrodes themselves. Cimtrode supplies finished, quality-controlled graphite electrodes including CAD/CAM egineering, EROWA holders on loan (with ID chip if required) and EDM data directly to the eroding machine. High end, just in time and at an attractive price.

The graphite electrode is a single piece produced in series; on closer examination it is just another resource. By buying it from a specialist – in only the exact quantities needed, of course – you can better manage your production peaks, thereby lowering fixed costs, and freeing up personnel and financial resources. Other areas can also often be optimized at the same time. For example expanding EDM capacities or switching over to significantly more productive eroding with graphite.

The most important advantages: fixed cost reduction, relieving personnel and processes, less investment in specialized equipment for graphite machining, no electrically charged graphite dust – just higher efficiency and faster processing time.

The concept of Cimtrode’s “ready-to-erode graphite electrode“ doesn’t have much to do with contract milling. Rather, it is a high-end technology package offering companies huge advantages when it comes to increasing productivity and lowering costs.

That’s why we see the relationships we have with our customers as true technology partnerships for which we take responsibility for quality and on-time delivery in a much higher measure than normal.

Earning money with moulding and tooling - Cimtrode will help you do it, not least by reducing your costs and expenditures to shorten processing times significantly, thereby clearly increasing your competitiveness. More moulding in less time, of course only in the best quality and at an internationally competitive price: that’s how modern moulding and tooling works today!
Not to mention that clean production without electrically charged graphite dust also has its advantages.

It is our mission to make eroding “worry-free” so that you don’t have to take care of producing the graphite electrodes yourself.

All we need from you to achieve this is the following: the mould data, either in conventional formats such as *.step, *.sat, *.iges, or directly in SolidWorks or CIMATRON E11 format. Then we just need to know the eroding area you need, the eroding date and the required VDI surface quality. We’ll take care of everything else for you!

How it works:

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