Since founding the company in 1997, Daniel Gruber, owner of CIMTRODE GmbH, has been working intensely on driving graphite machining forward. CIMTRODE, which serves the tool and moulding industry, has developed over the years from a manufacturer to a renowned European graphite specialist and innovator.  

At the start there was the “All-Inclusive Electrode” made from graphite. We are proud to say that our leading role in this field has contributed to making electrodes extremely popular in manufacturing. In the meantime, the Cimtrode concept has gained an excellent reputation as a technology leader and our blue boxes with the distinctive label can be found in many production halls today.

Based on our many years’ experience with graphite machining, we have created additional innovative & specialized products “from the user for the user.” Products such as the SEAGULL precision cutter featuring cost-saving cutting pressure optimization, or the optical control system C-VIEW. When developing these products we have always focused on the benefits to the user, with our own experiences as a guideline.

We continuously work to deliver first-class, innovative solutions to our customers, from users for users, thereby contributing to the competitiveness of the tool and moulding industry in today’s world.

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